Our Vision: Technology Equality for ALL Communities

Anson County Season of Achievement News Article

The Express News Article

Direct Action Media Academy offers free technology classes to communities in North Carolina.



Direct Action Media Academy Organizational History

Sacrificing to Answer the Call – 2008

In early July of 2008, co-founders Monzell Dunlap and John Kennedy McCray leased a building in one of the most impoverished, disenfranchised and educationally challenged counties in North Carolina – Wadesboro. Once this condemned 70-year-old building was secured, they immediately began to restore and revitalize it and lend much needed support to the greater community simultaneously, as well. Investing their own money (life savings), tools, supplies and time, they accomplished what proud 4th generation local observers said should have taken a ten-person crew and tens-of-thousands of dollars to do in the set time frame. They added, “Thank you. This is what our town needed.”

Empowering Dreams! Best Practices

Using the thought processes of the world’s leading thinkers and speakers on creativity and innovation, we successfully established a learning enhancement methodology that encourages progressive learning in disenfranchised communities through advanced technology. It explores the components of this established paradigm: The diversity of intelligence as it parallels social influence, the power of imagination and creativity, and the importance of challenging our own capabilities.


  • 25 Websites Created for Local Small Businesses and Government Agencies
  • 200+ Development Standards Drafted to Serve Local Grassroots Nonprofits, Small Businesses and Government Agencies
  • 150 Community Service Initiatives Videos Produced
  • 12 Nonprofit Grants Composed for Local Grassroots Nonprofits
  • 18 Small Business Plans Design/Assisted
  • 38 Economic Development Partnerships Established
  • 20-50+ New Employees and/or Independent Contractors Established
  • 100+ Individual Educational Supports Enacted
  • 200+ Advanced Technology Introductory Programs Enacted
  • 1 Local Historic Building Restored
  • Countless Lives EMPOWERED!

Be Inspired: Successful Outcomes 2008-2011

We are walking the walk. We have produced corporate level websites for small businesses, churches, small local governments FREE of charge. We’ve helped students from the Dropout Epidemic, helped adults get their GED’s, taught career building advanced technology in underdeveloped areas, restored old historic buildings and cleaned polluted highways and creeks, and help to write grants for other community nonprofits because it was the right thing to do to build communities. We can do more!

New Focus: 2012-2016 and Beyond

Now, what if you came up with a brilliant idea on how to help others, put it into practice and it worked?! You were able to help at-risk students graduate, help people build businesses and careers and provide endless technical support to a disenfranchised community when everyone else said it was impossible. Well, thankfully it’s not.

  • We’ve Established an Extended Technology Advisory Board – Consisting of high-performance career professionals excelling in ‘world-class’ corporations like New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) – Georgia, American Airlines, USAA – San Antonio Texas, Thyssenkrupp – North America, Comcast – NC, etc. featuring an ever growing number of available technology volunteers ready to serve.
  • Our tech-forward/engineered strategy case study has been recognized internationally (approx. 46,963 US all demographics and 3,000,000+ Internationally all demographics)
  • Built Social Media Plan (13,000+ YT, 1250 FB, Other Social Media Outlets 2500+)
  • Engineered and conducted International Tech-Forward Initiatives Conferences with Chinese, Ukrainian and Ghanaian Representative Service Organizations to impact educational and economic futures.
  • Georgia, Maryland and North Carolina Expansion – We’ve strategically laid the ground work to expand our mission to a national focus. From 2011-Presently, we’ve consistently provided several business models to local small businesses, grant research data to grassroots nonprofits, academic support to parents, students and teachers and engineered tech-forward approaches to individuals and communities in-order to promote further successful outcomes.
  • Historic Milestones – We created the 1st Historic Learning Management System (LMS) of it’s kind for the community of Macon, GA which was officially launched in January 2016. Prototype initiatives are currently being established for more communities nationally.
  • We were extremely proud to announce the official launch of DAMA-ATL in 2016! Several community-building programs are already in action for Atlanta.

We committed to playing a our role in building continual successful outcomes for communities and individuals everywhere.


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